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In order for Keen to successfully begin servicing and responding to your reviews, we will need to gain access to your accounts. Please follow the instructions below to get us added to each of your accounts.

Booking.com Reputation Management Setup

Step 1: Log Into Your Hotel’s Booking.com Account

Log Into Your Hotel’s Booking.com Account

Step 2: Go To Account>Create And Manage Users

Go to Account>Create and Manage Users

Step 3: Click On Invite A New User

Click on Invite a New User

Step 4: Select Existing User And Fill In The Fields With The Information Below And Click View Access Rights

Select Existing User and fill in the fields with the information below and click View Access Rights
  • Login Name: INNsightRMS
  • Email: reputationmanagement@innsight.com

Step 5: Turn Off All Except For Inbox Access

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